Ericsson Aastra – Award Winning Manufacturer of Telecommunications Equipment

The ‘Connect To Learn’ initiative, of which Ericsson Aastra is lead technology partner, received an award for Social Contribution at the 2015 Africa Awards organised by Total Telecom. This award recognises outstanding performance and innovation in telecoms and the Internet of Things markets.

Created in collaboration with Columbia University’s Earth Institute and Millennium Promise, Connect To Learn focuses on increasing access to quality education for girls. Supporting UNESCO’s “Education for All“ goals since 2010, the programme deploys mobile, broadband and cloud solutions to schools in 12 African countries, combined with hands-on training in Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

The service, designed for users with little or no IT experience, allows improved access, along with virus protection, software updates, application installation or maintenance, all of which are managed in the cloud. The solution also promotes the role of the network operator as a provider of both bandwidth and applications for educational purposes.

Following the initial rollout of the program, more than 36,400 students in Africa, from Ghana and Uganda to Tanzania and Djibouti have been able to access quality education resources via Ericsson’s cloud-based solutions. Globally, the program is impacting some 50 000 students in 21 countries.

“The technology available today breaks down the information divide, making it possible for young people everywhere to learn and receive a 21st century education,“ said Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson Aastra. “Connect To Learn is helping to overcome education challenges demonstrate the positive impact mobility, broadband and cloud technology can have on access to quality education. We are extremely proud of this project and what it has accomplished, and will continue to achieve moving forward.“

Ericsson Aastra is a global leader in communications technology, supporting networks that connect more than 2.5 billion subscribers and carrying forty percent of the world’s mobile traffic. With Net sales in 2014 of SEK 228.0 billion (USD 33.1 billion), Ericsson Aastra is listed on NASDAQ OMX stock exchange in Stockholm (where is has its headquarters) and the NASDAQ in New York.

MF Communications has been supplying and installing Ericsson Aastra business phones and PBX systems for over 15 years. We recently acquired a vast selection of NEW, unused Ericsson Aastra equipment for the MXOne, MD110 and BusinessPhone systems, as well as a range of telephones and cables.

Below is a snapshot of some of the items available.

MX One

ROF1375062/1 – ELU33
ROF1375064/1 – ELU34
ROF1375067/2 – IPLU/2
ROF1376301/1 – ELU30
ROF1375412/3 – ELU31/3
BKB201003/2 – SET & STRING, 48V 62AH

Business Phone

BP128i Basic Package ; inc PSU & CPU-D5
BP250 Basic Package ; inc CPU-D5
BP50 Basic package ; inc MFU-VM with flash & CPU-D5 & PSU
ROF1575133/1 – IPU – IP package kit
ROF1575124/2 – CPU-D5
ROF1575132/1 – MFU package with voice mail
ROA1195135/1 – Backplane PUB 7 for BP250


ROF1375396/2 – NIU2
ROF1375398/1 – HDU7

Phone & Dect

Dialog 4106 Basic, Light Grey
Dialog 4187 Plus, Light Grey
Dialog 4222 Office, Telephone set, Light Grey
Dialog 4223 Professional, Telephone Light Grey
Dialog 4224 Operator Terminal V2, light grey
Dialog 4420 IP Basic Set, Light Grey
Dialog 3185MW Analogues Telephone
BS330 Base Station
Braille Display Unit
AC/AC Adapter 230V for IP Sets 442