Communications’ systems for medium-sized enterprises

Communications' systems for medium-sized enterprises - MF Communications

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The Siemens Hipath 3000 range of business telephone systems provide an economical solution if you’re looking for a PBX system with the flexibility to grow with your business.

If the quality of customer care is at the heart of your business and you wish to stay in constant communication with your customers, a reliable phone system must play a key role in achieving this.

HiPath 3000 communications’ systems make full use of the ISDN spectrum, allowing fluid call management, with integrated voice mail to ensure you never lose a call. The HiPath 3000 systems offer high reliability and protection against failure, combined with flexibility and maximum performance.

Siemens HiPath business telephone systems are suitable for a variety of uses requiring anything from two to 500 extensions. They are ideal for companies wanting to invest in a communications platform that will embrace new technologies, such as VoIP (Voice over IP), whilst continuing to take advantage of traditional telecoms services such as ISDN. This assures the future growth of your company and with voice integrated seamlessly into other communications processes this allows users to operate their PC and telephones interchangeably.

The Siemens HiPath range also enables connectivity to home workers, branch offices and new SIP-trunk telephone service providers, allowing connection of PDAs, laptops, mobiles and IP phones to business applications such as unified messaging or portal software.

MF Communications can supply fully tested and remanufactured Siemens HiPath 3000 systems, including HiPath 3350 and HiPath 3550 telephone systems.

The Siemens HiPath 3550 is a flexible wall mounted system with specifications including:

• Up to 36 analogue users
• Up to 24 digital users
• 96 IP users
• 16 HiPath Cordless Office users
• 3 HiPath Cordless Office base stations
• 1 OptiClient Attendant
• 30 OptiPoint Key Modules
• 2 v.24 Interfaces (to connect to a PC)

The Siemens HiPath 3350 is a wall mounted system with specifications including:

• Up to 96 analogue users
• Up to 72 digital users
• 192 IP users
• 64 HiPath Cordless Office users
• 16 HiPath Cordless Office base stations
• 16 OptiClient Attendant
• 100 OptiPoint Key Modules
• 2 V.24 Interfaces (to connect to a PC)

The HiPath 3350 and 3550 systems use Euro-ISDN technology for digital network and system interfaces. Interactive user prompting via display and dialogue keys on OptiPoint handsets allows for easy and quick activation of features. The software suite, HiPath ComScendo, provides the most comprehensive array of voice communication services. This is regardless of whether used via IP, TDM telephones or PC clients. The HiPath 3350 and 3550 systems offer solutions to suit many different applications, from basic systems to advanced and complex solutions. They are ideal for small to medium sized organisations.

Both systems offer the combination of reliability, a feature rich digital telephone system and the ability for expansion.

MF Communications can also supply all system parts and spares for the HiPath 3000 range of phone systems. This includes, for example, system cards such as the SLAD16 (part number S30810-Q2957-X or L30251-U600-A589). This module board has 16 analogue interfaces with CLIP function to allow connection of neural terminals to the system. It is available fully tested and with a warranty and can be shipped worldwide.

You can also find a range of compatible business telephones on the MF Communications’ website, including Opitpoint and Openstage models, such as the Siemens Openstage 20 G, a full duplex, hands free business phone with a 1000 Mbit Ethernet switch. MF Communications provide both new and fully remanufactured models, all with full warranty and high quality guaranteed.