Data Hungry?

Do you remember when connecting to the internet involved dialling up through a modem? Then there would follow a series of strange noises that you would have to sit through whilst the connection was being attempted. It was slow wasn’t it?

Somehow, we accepted that because that’s just the way it was. After all, we were connecting to the World Wide Web and that was bound to take some time right?

Times have definitely changed though. We know more now. We expect more and we are no longer satisfied if connecting to the internet means we have to wait even a few seconds. Why? Because technology has advanced so much that we don’t feel the need to wait. We shouldn’t have to. In addition, we’re really busy too aren’t we?

Slow broadband might be annoying if you are trying to download a film or an app, but what if you run a business? Slow business can equal lost revenue, especially now that we are all competing in such as fast-paced business environment. An internet connection is crucial to every business and having seamless communications aids staff to do their jobs.

You don’t have to suffer slow internet speeds though. Ask yourself the following question:

Do I have enough bandwidth?

Standard ADSL broadband might not be enough for your business. However, there are other internet connections available:

  • FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) – business grade broadband using fibre optic cables
  • Fibre Access – using broadband for uncontended, guaranteed speeds
  • EFM (Ethernet first mile) – dedicated, uncontended, guaranteed speeds using Ethernet technology
  • Leased Line – dedicated high speed Ethernet internet, with uncontended, unshared speeds

MF Communications offers high-speed broadband for businesses. Contact us for advice about connectivity in your area and for help with assessing you needs.