Decommissioning and recovery project for Avaya Red and Avaya Blue equipment

MF Communications has recently been involved in a large decommissioning and recovery project for Avaya Red and Avaya Blue equipment (formerly Nortel).

Avaya Red and Avaya Blue equipment from MF Communications

This large, multi-location, decommissioning project covers an extensive amount of equipment. It means, MF Communications is now in the position to offer everything an Avaya or ex Nortel partner could ever need, from system spares and cards, to business phones.

The equipment includes both new, with some items still in their original packing & never used, and also refurbished items.

With MF Communications, you can guarantee quality.

We have been supplying new, remanufactured and refurbished telecoms equipment and carrier parts to businesses in over 100 countries, for 18 years. All equipment comes with a full, one-year guarantee.

In stock, we have a FULL range of Avaya Red, including Presence ServersIPO500 and Media Gateways G430 and G450

We also have a full range of spares, including:


In addition, we have a large stock of Legacy Nortel equipment such as:

MPS500 spares,
Call Pilot,
M3904 phones,
MG1010 spares,
Various CS1000 unused spares like NTDW77AAE5, NTDW66CAE5, NT8D04BBE5.

Some of the unused equipment includes Avaya SIP E129 phones and Avaya D100 Repeaters & Base Station DECT equipment.

MF Communications offers a full warranty on all Avaya/Nortel business phones & telephone system parts.

At the end of 2017, many parts were “MD” (manufacturer discontinued). However, we can supply all parts, spares and telephones to keep your system running, now and well in to the future. Our team of engineers are responsible for thoroughly remanufacturing and testing all equipment. We sell all our stock boxed as new and with a one-year warranty.

To order, please call (+44)01892 514687, or contact us via the website.