How to create the business you want with inbound numbers

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Need to look big to compete in the market place? Have huge growth plans and want to get ahead of the game? Need to accommodate flexible working? Want to have an emergency back-up plan?

Well, you can with an Inbound number solution from the MF Group.

What business can you create?

  • Create a flexible working environment – work from home, an office or even in a coffee shop with the same number.
  • Be a bigger company – choose multiple or non-geographic numbers.
  • Be a local company – use a local number in advertising that can be routed to any office.
  • Be scalable – if your plan to grow or use lots of contractors and need to scale up or down quickly and easily, VoIP and Inbound numbers can support you.
  • Be more efficient and profitable – route calls to the right person immediately with inbound numbers. Customer care and talking to the correct person are two ways to improve customer service and increase the closing of sales.
  • Plan for the worst – in unforeseen circumstances or an emergency, call re-routing is easy. Just divert the number to a different phone.

What else can you do?

As well as choosing various numbers (from 080x freephone or non-geographic numbers, to local, memorable or multiple department numbers) to suit your business needs, you can also take advantage of a number of options with an Inbound solution:

Use Auto-Attendant to allow customers to choose who they want to talk to (e.g. press 1 for sales) – to direct people quickly and efficiently to a relevant department or to give the feeling of a larger business.

Whisper Announcement gives you details of the caller before they are put through to you, to help provide good customer service and a personalised experience.

Disaster recovery planning ensures you have a back-up in place should the worst happen.

All this, plus services such as call queuing, voicemail, divert calls to a mobile or landline, send voicemails to email and manage your call statistics online.

Is it worth investing in voice calling?

With all the available communication technologies available today, from email to social media to Skype etc, it is easy to think that voice calling is outdated. However, research shows that voice calling is still an important form of contacting people. Read this ‘Is voice calling making a comeback in 2016?’ article for the stats.

Think an Inbound solution is for you?

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