Phase-out of Avaya Nortel M3900 digital phones and accessories

As of 10th October 2016, Avaya will no longer be supplying Avaya Nortel M3900 series’ digital terminals and accessories in EU countries.

This change is in order for Avaya to focus on its IP portfolio, including the 11xx and 12xx IP series products, all of which are compatible with the Avaya Communication Severs 1000 and Avaya Aura.

This does not mean that you will no longer be able to purchase M3900 phones and accessories.

MF Communications can supply fully remanufactured Avaya Nortel and Nortel Meridian Option business phones, parts and accessories.

All come with a full warranty, re-boxed and in as-new condition. More details about our comprehensive remanufacturing process can be found on the website.

For suppliers: how much stock do you currently hold? Please contact us to find out how we can help you to continue supporting your customers.

The Avaya Nortel M3900 series, also known as the Taurus range, are compatible with the Meridian Option telephone system. There are five models in this range, plus the M2250 Console.

The Avaya Nortel M3901, also known as the Nortel Meridian M3901, or Meridian Option M3901, is an entry level, non-display, digital phone. This economical, single-line telephone is ideal for areas of occasional telephone use, such as receptions, lobbies, hallways and cafeterias. The M3901 has five programmable feature keys, as well as four fixed feature keys and a convenient Auto Dial feature.

• Single-line
• 5 programmable features
• 4 fixed keys (line, feature, hold, goodbye)
• Message waiting/incoming call indicator
• Supports amplified headsets
• Feature card
• Desk or wall mount

The Avaya Nortel M3902, also known as the Nortel Meridian M3902, or Meridian Option M3902, is a single line, digital telephone. This economical, hands-free telephone is ideal for areas of light telephone use, such as manufacturing plants and warehouses. The M3902 telephone has six fixed feature keys, with the addition of an ‘options’ list for easy personalisation and access to the voice messaging system. In addition, an Accessory Connection Module (ACM) can attach to the Meridian Option M3902 telephone, allowing it to support up to two snap-in cartridges.

• Single-line
• 2 x 24 character display
• 6 fixed feature keys (options, message, transfer, goodbye, hold)
• Interactive soft keys for quick feature access
• Hands free
• User-selectable ring tone
• Multiple language selection
• Supports amplified headsets and one snap-in cartridge

The Meridian Option M3903, also known as the Nortel Meridian M3903, or Avaya M3903, is a multi-line, digital telephone. Ideal for office professionals or technical specialists, the M3903 telephone supports up to four lines via two self-labelling keys. The M3903 includes an enhanced call log feature, which can display up to ten of the last incoming calls and up to five of the last outgoing. Switching from handset to headset use occurs via the fixed feature keys, whilst the options list allows for personalisation. In addition, an Accessory Connection Module (ACM) can attach to the M3903 telephone, allowing it to support up to two snap-in cartridges.

• 3-line x 24 character display
• Fixed feature keys, including hold, goodbye, volume control , mute options, message
• Interactive soft keys
• Call log for incoming/outgoing calls,
• Hands free,
• Supports amplified headsets,
• ACM supports up to 2 snap-in adaptors, Wall mountable

The Avaya Nortel M3904, also known as the Nortel Meridian M3904, or Meridian Option M3904, is a multi-line, digital telephone. Ideal for busy office environments with high call usage, the M3904 telephone supports up to twelve lines and has a five-line by twenty four character display; the largest in its class. The M3904 includes a personal directory PC facility, which allows users to create a directory of up to one hundred contacts on a PC and then downloaded it straight to the telephone. An Accessory Connection Module (ACM) can attach to the M3904 telephone, allowing it to support up to two snap-in cartridges. In addition, this phone supports full duplex, hands free mode via a Full Duplex Hands Free accessory that snaps in to the ACM.

• Multi-line digital phone with 5-line x 24 character display
• Interactive soft keys for quick access to numerous features
• Personal directory and call log
• Fixed feature keys (hold, goodbye, volume control, mute and headset with LED, options, message, directory/log (includes redial), applications, shift
• Hand press with LED
• Direct connect headset port
• Supports up to two snap-in cartridge accessories (analogue terminal adaptor ATA, external alerter & recording interface and personal directory PC utility)

The Avaya Nortel M3905, also known as the Nortel Meridian M3905, or Meridian Option M3905, is a multi-line digital telephone. Specifically designed for call centre environments, it supports up to seven lines and includes a four-line by twenty-four character display. Specialised features of the M3905 include a direct-connect headset jack for agents and supervisors, a supervisor observe button for listening in and a ‘listen and talk’ option. The M3905 telephone includes two adaptor slots for an analogue terminal adaptor & an external alerter & recording interface.

• Multi-line digital phone supporting up to 7 lines with a 4 x 24 character display
• Six fixed ACD feature keys with LED (headset, emergency, make busy, not ready, supervisor, in-calls)
• Interactive soft keys for quick access to numerous features
• Dual headset jacks and Supervisor Observe key (talk/listen or listen only)
• Supports 2 snap-in cartridge accessories for analogue terminal adapter (ATA) and external alerter and recording interface
• Handset Optional
The Avaya Nortel M2250 console, also known as the Nortel Meridian M2250 console, or Meridian Option M2250 console, is a highly efficient call answering/message/message centre. Designed for areas of high-level call handling, this powerful, digital attendant console handles and processes calls with high speed and efficiency.

• Attendant Console
• Built-in 4 line by 40 character LCD display
• Optional 2 line mode enlarges characters
• Call party name display feature (provides name and extension number of each caller within your system)
• 6 programmable feature keys which support up to 20 features (busy, verify, call park, auto dial and paging)
• 20 incoming call identification keys
• Options menu which allows attendants to customize console features (contrast adjustment, volume settings and choice of 15 languages)

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