Is voice calling making a comeback in 2016?

The regaining popularity of voice calling




Harnessing the power of voice calling - MF Communications

A recent survey by Invoca amongst over 2000 US adults found voice calling was considered the most valuable function of a smart phone. In the month prior to the research, 65% had used their phone to call a business, compared with only 24% who filled out an on-line enquiry form.

Even with social media, email and messenger or video apps, 79% of Millenials reported making a voice call at least once a day, with 38% of all respondents saying if they could only use their phone for one thing, it would be for voice calling.

Websites are unable to gauge emotions. They don’t connect with users in the same way a conversation can. With 64% of Americans owning a smart phone, the ability to make a connection is instant and constant. As social beings, humans respond to direct contact and conversation in a way that can never be achieved in a fully digitalised world. A digital-only approach has limitations in that it neglects the need to emotionally engage with consumers.

Keeping in touch with your customers

Cloud telephony is changing the way businesses communicate using voice. Using cloud-based telephone systems allows organisations to manage their own services, as well as providing them with critical information about their consumers.

Call log and analytical data gathering is possible on a much deeper level via cloud telephony. This enables businesses to monitor call activity, trends and transactions. Cloud solutions can be implemented alongside existing legacy systems, meaning organisations can benefit from cloud telephony with minimal disruption. Organisations are beginning to benefit by utilising the power of voice communications to stay connected to and in touch with their customers.

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