Mitel loses $175 million in sale of its mobile division, Mavenir

Less than two years after buying, Mavenir, a software-based telecommunications networking provider, Mitel agreed to sell this division to Xura Inc.

Mitel - MF Communications

Acquiring Mavenir for $560 million in 2015, Mitel had hoped to provide mobility solutions to carriers. The company, a leader in enterprise and cloud communications, also saw this move as an opportunity to expand into a high-growth business and tap into the emerging market for 5G wireless technology.

However, the move appears to have been seriously miscalculated, ending with the sale of Mavenir  to Xura Inc. (owned by Sierra Private Investments L.P.) for $385 million, at a loss of $175 million. It sees Mitel, traditionally a provider of phone and conference-call equipment and services to corporate and government clients, abandoning its strategy to become a player in the high-growth mobile communications arena.

Following an internal business review undertaken by Goldman Sachs just 18 months after Mitel bought Mavenir, CEO Rich McBee said he sees potential for growth in both the mobile space as well as the market for enterprise and cloud-based services, but acknowledged Mitel is not large enough to take on both opportunities at once.

“I don’t feel bad about it,” Mr. McBee said. “My job as CEO is to make sure that I’m generating shareholder value and a fair return for the assets trusted with me. This is a very logical next step for us. If you’re not going to get value recognized for performance, then you can’t just keep doing the same thing.

“The reality is we’re going to come back to a very focused story.”

The CEO said Mitel had no immediate plans for future acquisitions but added any future deals would focus on its primary businesses and that it will not stray into “adjacent” markets again.

This loss follows a failed bid of $1.96 billion to purchase voice and video conferencing specialists, Polycom. Outbid by Siris Capital, Mitel received a $60 million termination fee.

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