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MF Communications stock a wide range of new, remanufactured and refurbished Siemens and Unify Openstage business phones and phone accessories.

We stock 1000s of products in our warehouse. So, if you cannot find the parts you are looking for, contact us and we will find them for you.

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  • L30250-F600-C140

    L30250-F600-C140 – Siemens Openstage Wall Bracket

  • S30122-K7722-D

    S30122-K7722-D – Siemens EU PSU for Optipoint 410/420/500, Openstage

  • S30122-X8008-X24

    S30122-X8008-X24 – Siemens Openstage WL3 Charger

  • S30817-S7406-A101

    S30817-S7406-A101 – Siemens Openstage Busy Lamp Field 40

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    Siemens / Unify Openstage Mains Power Adapter – L30250-F600-C142

  • Placeholder


    Siemens Cable for Openstage Key Module 15

  • Placeholder

    Generic Openstage Lifter

    Siemens Generic Openstage Lifter

  • S30817-S7300-A103

    Siemens Openstage 10T Phone

  • S30817-S7401-D503

    Siemens Openstage 15 HFA Phone

  • S30817-S7401-A503

    Siemens Openstage 15 SIP Phone

  • S30817-S7401-B501

    Siemens Openstage 15G HFA phone

  • S30817-S7301-A503

    Siemens Openstage 15T Phone

  • S30817-S7401-D101

    Siemens Openstage 20 HFA Phone

  • S30817-S7401-A103

    Siemens Openstage 20 SIP Phone

  • S30817-S7401-B103

    Siemens Openstage 20G HFA Phone