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MF Communications supply Unify and Siemens Openstage phones and telephone system parts to companies all around the world.

Siemens Openstage telephones are a range of stylish desktop phones. They range from basic to executive models, but all come with a broad range of functions across the range. The telephones are ergonomic and easy to use. All have high definition voice quality and users can enjoy touch sensitive controls, innovative user interfaces, and simple navigation and colour high-resolution screens. The Siemens Openstage range is available for TDM environments, as well as IP environments. To manage them within the overall IT infrastructure is an easy task.

The Openstage family is highly functional and integrates well with other devices. The models in this range are multimodal, allowing access to various applications and services. Designed with user friendly, simple features, the Openstage phones use touch sensor keys, LED’s and simple navigation to access the range of features. They are an ideal solution for offices where mobility and flexibility are important factors.

Using a range of adaptors, Openstage phones can easily connect to fax machines, other phones or any add-on modules that are required. Built in USB and Bluetooth interfaces allow interaction with many different devices, such as PC’s, mobile phones, PDA’s and headsets. The models are available in a variety of colours and finishes, from plastic in ice blue or lava to high-end silver blue metallic lacquering and brushed aluminium. They come in T, G, HFA and SIP variations.

If you are looking to buy new, remanufactured or refurbished Openstage 15 HFA or SIP phones, we have special pricing on the Openstage 20 HFA & Openstage 20 SIP range that you can use instead.

The Siemens Openstage 10 is a non-display, competitively priced Entry Level model, compatible with the HiPath 500, HiPath 3000 and HiPath 4000 systems.

The Siemens Openstage 15 is a competitively priced model, available for TDM, HFA or SIP environments.

The Siemens Openstage 20 is a standard, hands free model. It has full duplex capabilities and offers great value for money. It is compatible with the HiPath 3000 and HiPath Open Office systems.

The Siemens Openstage 30 is a full duplex model, compatible with HiPath 3000 and HiPath 4000 systems. It is available for TDM environments.

The Siemens Openstage 40 is suitable for any office environment, due to its many customisable features.

The Siemens Openstage 60 is a high spec. model, for frequent telephone users.

The Siemens Openstage 80 is the top of the range executive/management phone of the Openstage family. It has a wide range of functions and a large LCD display.

We currently have a wide range of new and remanufactured Unify and Siemens Openstage business phones and parts in stock.

If you are unable to find the Siemens Openstage business phones or PBX System part below, please email or call us on +44 (0) 1892 514687 for assistance.

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