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The Siemens Optiset ranges are set out below. Each Optiset range includes business phones and telephone system parts.

The Siemens Optiset E telephones are an attractively designed family of digital phones that preceded the Optipoint range. They range from a simple, Entry Level model to the full featured Advanced Plus and Memory models. The Optiset range has a telephone to suit all needs. All are stylish, easy to use phones, with added PC integration for data and Microsoft. They also include TAPI applications and two, wire digital interfaces. A comprehensive selection of add-ons is available to provide additional features, where necessary.

The Siemens Optiset E Entry is an Entry Level digital telephone, designed for general use, with three function keys each with an LED and two audio control keys.

The Siemens Optiset E Basic is a basic version for voice and data communications. It provides the user with eight keys pre-configured with the most commonly used Realitis telephone features.

The Siemens Optiset E Standard is a mid-range feature display phone, with optimised communications. Users can personalise the functions of the twelve Keys with LEDs, via an interactive menu system, for increased productivity.

The Siemens Optiset E Advance/Optiset E Advance Plus is a professional model, configured for voice and data communications. Both are high-range feature phones that provide all the functions of the Optiset E Standard, with the added ability to support two add-on units. Both have the same features, with the Advance Plus having additional hands free capabilities.

The Siemens Optiset E Conference has full duplex audio transmission for high quality conference calls. It has similar features to the Optiset E Advance, but in addition also includes full duplex, echo suppression and acoustic room adaption for conference calls.

The Siemens Optiset E Conference Pro has the same features as the Optiset E Conference, but in addition includes acoustic adapter, speaker and microphone. It is suitable for large conference rooms where voice quality is paramount.

The Siemens Optiset E Memory is the most advanced telephone in the Optiset range. It is suitable for use as a high-power executive phone or as an attendant telephone. It includes an oversiezed 8-line by 24-character display.

MF Communications supply Optiset and other new and remanufactured business telephones and phone parts to over 100 countries worldwide. We have a wide range of Optiset business phones and spare parts currently in stock.

If you are unable to find the Siemens Optiset business phones and spare parts below, please email or call us on +44 (0) 1892 514687 for assistance.

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