Phase-out of Siemens Unify HiPath DX Realtis hardware

Do you support customers with Unify HiPath DX (Realtis) hardware?

From 30th June this year, the Siemens HiPath DX will become end-of-life i.e. it will no longer be available direct from the manufacturer.

This does not mean that you must upgrade your PBX system to a newer version. If you are happy with your system as it is, why change it?

MF Communications will continue to provide the necessary hardware to support those using the Siemens HiPath DX system. There is no need to migrate to a new system, particularly if you find the HiPath DX meets all your needs.

Installers and maintainers need to consider how much Siemens HiPath service stock they currently hold and how much they need to enable them to continue supporting their customers. We stock a range of Siemens and Unify telephone system hardware, spares and business phones.

All our equipment is remanufactured to as-new standard. This follows a strict procedure of testing, replacement of old or worn parts and re-testing. Find out more about our remanufacturing process on our website.

The Siemens Unify HiPath DX system is an IP communications platform that works seamlessly across circuit switch or data network infrastructures. Supporting a wide variety of fixed and mobile end points, the HiPath DX integrates with other HiPath products, to deliver the benefits of network convergence and collaborative applications.

With a rich feature set, the Siemens HiPath DX incorporated switching functions, open interfaces and network gateways.

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