How have telecoms industry giants reacted to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union?

Telecoms industry reaction to a Brexit - MF Communications

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Following the results of the UK referendum, we’ve put together a selection of statements released by some of the telecom industry’s leading operators as they react to a Brexit.

“The political and economic consequences of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU are for others to consider now that the UK electorate has reached its decision.”

“In terms of the implications for Vodafone, each of our country businesses operates as a standalone entity able to adapt to a wide range of local conditions. As we said before the referendum, we remain committed to supporting our UK customers regardless of the outcome, now and in the future.”

“We are saddened about the UK decision to leave the European Union, even if we fully respect the democratic choice of British citizens.”

“Orange strongly believes in the benefits of the EU, in particular to trigger a real Digital Single Market for the Europeans. At the same time, we call upon a more pragmatic approach to defend EU businesses, jobs and customers in a worldwide competition reinforced by the digital revolution.”

Orange has mobile operations in eight European countries,seven of which are part of the EU (France, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg). Although now owned by EE, Orange retains several Group offices in the UK, employing around 900 people across innovation, marketing, technology, wholesale, brand, communications and B2B departments.

“We plan to maintain those offices,” it said. “Regarding the Group’s financial exposition and balance sheet, the current situation has no direct impact on Orange. The Group is covered against movements in the sterling and dollar exchange rates.”

“We believe that large businesses like ours would have been stronger remaining in the EU. Whatever happens next we will continue to fiercely compete in our market, innovate and deliver for our customers.”

“Our commitment and priority has always been in supporting our customers and business in the UK whatever the outcome of the referendum. With Sweden being part of the EU we do however regret that the UK will leave.”

“As one of many European companies with operations in the UK, we would have preferred a different outcome. But the citizens of the UK have spoken, and we now need to work together to make the best out of the new situation. Nokia will continue to deliver on its business and obligations in the UK.”

“Huawei remains committed to providing value to our customers, partners and local communities in the UK and Europe.”

“Although the context in which we work is ever changing, client service remains our essential purpose. We will continue to support our colleagues and our clients as the UK works to shape a prosperous future.

“And we will work closely with the government to ensure the UK remains a successful open, competitive and innovative economy, as well as encourage leaders throughout Europe to preserve cross-border data flows that drive growth and innovation, and underpins the worldwide digital economy.”

“We respect the democratic process, as well as the decision of the British people. The UK continues to be an important and significant market for Cisco. We are accustomed to adapting our business around the challenges that the macroeconomic environment often delivers and we remain focused on delivering and maintaining a stable environment for our employees, customers and partners.”

“It’s business as usual for BT. We remain committed to serving all our customers, and to our employees and operations in all of the 180 countries where we operate. We are also here to support our corporate customers as they develop their own plans in response to the Leave vote. We expect customers to continue to have access to our high-quality products and services. We’ll work closely with the British Government and EU during negotiations to ensure BT’s views are heard as our goal is to protect the interests of our customers, employees, shareholders and business.”


The provision of telecommunications services in the EU is subject to a set of EU Directives. These Directives make up the core Regulatory Framework for electronic communications in Europe and are required to be transposed into and applied in Member State law.

Withdrawal from the EU will mean the Regulatory Framework will cease to be applicable in the UK. However, this is unlikely to cause any immediate changes due to this Regulatory Framework being already integrated into UK law. This means that it will continue to be valid and applicable in the immediate aftermath of the UK exit.

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