Problems for firmware update of BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi

BT customers report problems with connectivity of Home Wi-Fi repeater discs.

Problems for firmware update of BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi - MF Communications

The Whole Home Wi-Fi solution from BT uses three 165mm disc-shaped repeaters in an effort to deliver “complete” Wi-Fi network coverage around the home. However, following a firmware update, there have been a number of reported problems with connectivity.

The update, intended to make sure the discs check more frequently for the best connection, commenced rollout at the end of February this year.

According to ISPreview, the reality has been internet connection issues causing an endless amount of problems for customers, many reporting their devices simply ceasing to work, or connectivity being lost within a few hours of re-booting. Customers also report the discs need to be re-set at numerous times daily.

There are calls for BT to roll back the firmware to its previous version until they can fix the problem, otherwise it is leaving its customers hanging and causing much frustration.

At the moment, the only way round the crash is to simply turn off the master disc off and then turn it back on again (unplug it for a minute or so before powering back up), or to turn everything off except the master disc.

This is only a temporary fix, however, as customers report the problem returning within a day or two.

A spokesperson for BT said only a “small number of customers have been having problems with their Whole Home Wi-Fi.” Considering BT has 9.3 million broadband subscribers, it was unprepared to give any official definition of the term ‘small’.

The claim BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi system offers “superfast, super-reliable Wi-Fi for every room” is, it seems, at the moment, completely unfounded.

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