Full fibre broadband to be made available in six areas of the UK

Full fibre broadband pilot - MF Communications

A new government project hopes to boost the availability of full fibre broadband to businesses, schools and hospitals in Aberdeenshire, West Sussex, Coventry and Warwickshire, Bristol, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

In a £10m government pilot, the areas marked out for testing will receive data speeds of up to one gigabit per second.

Full fibre broadband, also known as fibre to the cabinet, takes high-speed cables directly to premises.

Currently, most of the existing fibre networks in the UK connect the fast cables to roadside cabinets, connecting homes and businesses via a slower copper-based connection.

Full-fibre broadband uses fibre to the premises (FTTP) technology, a far superior way to deliver fast internet services. The fast-fibre optic cables run directly to homes and offices and provide a more stable, efficient and reliable connection than the copper and fibre systems.

Supporting broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps, the full fibre connections enable users to download an HD TV programme in five seconds. It would also allow hospitals to share high-definition images to aid diagnosis, or schools to use video more effectively during lessons.

“How we live and work today is directly affected by how good our broadband connection is,” said Andrew Jones, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, in a statement.

Faster, more reliable connections would create jobs, help new industries to emerge and let people work more flexibly, he said.

This pilot is part of the £200m fund announced in the Spring budget earlier this year.

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