The telecoms industry is failing when it comes to customer service

Customer service in the telecoms industry - MF Communications

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A survey conducted by the Institute of Customer Service shows customer satisfaction increased by 0.8% since this year. Telecoms organisations, however, perform lower than all other categories of service. The telecoms industry remains the industry with the lowest customer reviews.

ClickSoftware’s 2017 Field Service Report suggests the telecoms industry needs improved customer engagement. Customers are primarily concerned with real-time communications and customer transparency, whereas telecoms companies seem to be more engrossed with implementing new technologies.

Telecoms companies need to address how they deal with complaints, appointment cancellations and wait times that take far longer than expected. Many of the large telcos focus on new technologies at the expense of customer satisfaction.

According to research by Ofcom, the areas mobile phone users are most likely to complain about include getting through to customer services, particularly technical support, being kept waiting and the way in which a complaint is handled.

Failings of the call centre have seen some of the large telecoms operators coming under fire for their poor customer service and in response, Ofcom launched a service comparison tool to make informed choices about the service providers they choose.

Small independent telecoms companies, such as MF Communications, choose not to use Call Centres because they believe customers should not have to speak to individuals who don’t know them or their business needs.

Smaller telecoms operators look after their clients.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a business. Having the right communications channels and being able to use them is crucial.

At MF Communications, the account managers are always available to call and speak to for advice and assistance. These telecoms experts have the relevant knowledge and experience to be able to provide reassurance and understanding of any issues that may arise. All calls to the company are logged and dealt with on a tier system, ensuring that every single one is dealt with within an assigned timeframe.

A team of experienced engineers are able to carry out any maintenance and servicing on your telephone systems, with one-off or regular maintenance contracts offered to help ensure your business stays in constant communication.

Tailored contracts mean clients get business communications best suited to their needs. This includes phone lines, broadband, mobile contracts and cloud-based services, all under the same bill, making it easier to manage.

Finding the right supplier for your business communications is critical. Contact MF Communications for more information.