How Openreach operating more independently of BT is a good thing

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee report has been published with some positive outcomes that will be good news for all business broadband users in the UK.

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee report has been published with some positive outcomes that will be good news for all business broadband users in the UK.

In the report the Culture, Media and Sport Committee says BT is “significantly under investing” in Openreach, and that it should be run as a separate company under the BT umbrella. It also highlights the need for BT to invest significantly more in Openreach to improve levels of service for repairs and new connections, and found that decisions made by Openreach were being made in the interests of BT rather than customers and other network providers. There will also be tougher penalties introduced for poor service.   The report concludes that the shortfall in investment could potentially be hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

How will business broadband customers benefit from these changes? 

Although small steps are being made, business broadband customers should see some significant benefits.

Quicker and more efficient repairs – with more accountability to customers, less to BT and new proposed penalties, the levels of service should significantly improve.

Better customer service – processes in place now mean that business telecommunications providers such as MF Communications will be able to keep customers better informed.

Investment focussed on customers’ needs – Openreach will be run independently from BT and have its own board which will largely be made up of directors without a vested interest in BT. Therefore, investment should go into areas with the most need, such as better business broadband in rural areas.

Greater competition – The report wants Openreach to increase transparency in its costs and deployment plans to promote local competition, enabling companies like MF Communications to better compete with BT and offer customers the service and support they need.

More good news for business broadband users

The government’s Establishing world-class connectivity throughout the UK publication suggests good news for all broadband users in the UK. We are currently number one in Europe for superfast broadband coverage and a 2014 report ranks the UK as one of the cheapest for prices of communication services in comparison with the USA and leading European Union countries.

The BDUK programme has also set some good targets for broadband coverage, including to extend superfast broadband (speeds of at least 24Mbps) for 90% of premises in the UK by 2016 (BDUK Phase 1) and to extend superfast broadband to 95% of the UK by 2017 (BDUK Phase 2)

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