The telecoms remanufacturing process: Avaya business phones

Remanufacturing process: The Avaya range - MF Communications

Photo credit: tony_duell/Flickr

The extensive remanufacturing process at MF Communications assures customers can purchase business phones that have the same look and feel as brand new models, but without the price tag.

Full details of the rigorous testing, software updating and careful keys and casing replacement each phone goes through before ready for sale, can be found in our ‘Remanufacturing Explained’ document.

Remanufactured Avaya 1120e business phones

We have a wide range of new, remanufactured and refurbished Avaya and Nortel business phones and PBX system parts in stock, in particular, fully remanufactured Avaya 1120e phones. Here, our Warehouse team explain how they ensure the 1120e phones are fully restored to perfect working order:

“Once we made sure all of the Avaya 1120e phones were genuine, we cleaned and then replaced a number of keys, handpieces and panels etc.” Richard Judge, Warehouse Manager explains.
“My team are all technically trained to carry out software updates to ensure equipment is compatible with the latest phone systems.

“Once updated, each Avaya 1120e handset has been restored to its original settings, fully tested and any faulty items replaced. This whole remanufacturing process meets ISO standards. With this particular batch of business phones, all have been genuine models and we have had very few that have been unrepairable.

“Finally, we have packaged and boxed each Avaya handset in preparation for shipping.”

Interested in the full method? Visit our Remanufacturing Process page for reassurance on the quality of an MF Communications remanufactured phone.

What other Avaya phones do we supply?

If it’s not the Avaya 1120e you need, we stock other Nortel and Avaya business phone models, all remanufactured to the same standards. These include the Avaya models such as the 9611G, 1140E, 1220 and 1230, many of which we also have available brand new.

To discuss your remanufactured (or new) business phone requirements, contact us at or call 01892 514687.