Meridian Option M3900 Series

MF Communications stock Meridian Option M3900 Series business phones and telephone system parts.  We have a wide range of Meridian Option M3900 Series range telephones and spare parts currently in stock in our UK-based warehouse.

The Meridian Option M3900 series is a range of five digital telephones. All offer a range of features and accessories to suit all business needs. 

The Meridian Option M3901 is an entry level, single line, non-display phone, with four fixed keys. It is perfect for lobbies, reception areas and hallways.

The Meridian Option M3902 is a single line, digital telephone with six fixed feature keys, ideal for areas of light telephone use, such as manufacturing plants and warehouses. 

The Meridian Option M3903 is a multi-line phone with a three-line by twenty four character display, interactive soft keys and fixed feature keys, including call log.

The Meridian Option M3904 is a multi-line, digital telephone, ideal for busy office environments with high call usage. It supports up to twelve lines and has a five-line by twenty four character display and also includes a personal directory PC facility. 

The Meridian Option M3905 is a multi-line digital telephone specifically designed for call centre environments. It supports up to seven lines and includes a four-line by twenty four character display. Specialised features of the M3905 include a direct-connect headset jack for agents and supervisors, a supervisor observe button for listening in and a listen and talk option. 

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